The Greek Mountain introduces premium loose leaf herbal teas grown sustainably above 1300m on the wild rocky landscapes of Mt. Olympus. Our Shepherd’s Tea is 100% high-quality organic sideritis scardica, a Greek favourite with a gentle herby citrus flavour with hints of pine. Our limited and seasonal harvest is hand picked, air-dried and packed by hand. Direct from the grower to you!
Our organic sideritis is handpicked & air dried to preserve the special flavours & refreshing goodness of this untamed herb.
As a young boy, Michael moved to Holland from Greece. Each time he visited his Greek family, his auntie filled his suitcases with bags and bags of Shepherd’s Tea. Drinking the tea back home made him feel healthier, and reminded him of his family’s warmth and generosity. Shepherd’s Tea was a flavour he could find nowhere else. So he wondered… if so many people in Greece love Shepherd’s Tea, maybe people here would love it too! We searched for the best growers – and asked flavour experts to test our blends. Now we are delighted to share our natural and superior quality tea and signature blends with you – and your customers.
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