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13 October 2015

The Greek Mountain Tea

Tea from Olympus tames hangovers

By Kees van Unen
Rating: ⁕⁕⁕⁕

Zeus, king of the gods, lived there along with the other gods from ancient Greece: Mt. Olympus, christened the “home of the gods” by Homer. There’s a good chance that they drank this tea, too. Because for centuries, sideritis (shepherd’s tea) has grown in precisely this area.

For years, this tea remained a well-kept local secret, but the Greek-Amsterdammer, Michail Tzintzoglou, grew up with it and brought it to the Netherlands. The tea comes in a beautiful package that tells the facts: “grows above 1300 meters on Mt. Olympus”, “hand-picked, air-dried and packed by hand”.

The tea has been cut into rough pieces, so you can still see its origins.

The liquid form is subtle, a yellow-green color and tastes mild, round and healthy. This last quality is probably correct, as shepherd’s tea is said to have many curative qualities: relaxing, fights colds—and according to research, it is even good for memory and concentration.

We didn’t test the tea for those qualities, but we did investigate its purifying powers (thanks to the anti-oxidants) after an evening of food, wine and ouzo at a Greek restaurant. And it worked. After a glass of shepherd’s tea, the lightening bolts of Zeus in our forehead faded; hangover tamed. But Bacchus must have known this all along.

Price: €5.50 per 30 grams (25 cups)
Where: shops on www.thegreekmountain.com